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If you are one of the millions of devoted viewers of AMCs’ The Walking Dead or any of its spin-offs/imitators, you can say a little thanks to George A Romero for creating the genre to which they belong.

I say “genre” and not “SUB-genre” because that is what the modern zombie narrative has become. Zombies are no longer confined to direct-to-vid horror flicks. The shambling, vacant, flesh-eating resurrected corpse which has come to define the word zombie now appears in comedies, cartoons, fantasies, action adventure films, music videos and even soap operas (looking at you, The Walking Dead) and that’s just film and television. Countless videogames, comics, and fiction works feature the same species of “walker” that first appeared in Romero’s Night of The Living Dead, way back in 1968.

When horror magazine Fangoria began bringing horror filmmakers to the fore in the 80s and turning them into recognizable superstars, the name George A Romero rose to the top of the heap based almost entirely on his original trilogy of zombie films known as the Dead series. These were all low budget affairs, crafted with love and passion by a man who found the perfect stand-in for the most basic, perhaps the worst, aspects of his fellow man.

In trying to reach the warm food bags holed up in that Pennsylvania farmhouse, the first wave of Dead clambered over each other, unconcerned with the unbreathing brethren trampled en route to achieving their singular selfish goal.

As their Dawn rose, they moved outward from their various necropoli, Romero’s legions finding their way to the shopping malls, where thoughtlessly they roamed, only occasionally finding the gristly goodies they sought behind store windows.


As living folk began to haltingly re-organize, in vast military bunkers for instance, and further, began trying to corral and control the Dead, they demonstrated that sheer numbers and mindless appetite will always win the Day; even over any concepts of hierarchy or supposed intellect.

George A Romero milked the zombie genre, perhaps not for all it was worth, but certainly, for its most meaningful elements. He did so almost entirely without the help of the Big Bully studio system, even while lampooning it in many ways.

Many images from his work stand stark in my brain forever. That first stumbling cadaver, zeroing in on Barbara, while her cruel brother mocks her in a Karloff voice.

The nightmare of a hundred hungry hands punching through a wall to claim Lori Cardille.

The agonizing wait for David Emgee to “turn.”

That effing nerve-shattering Thing In The Crate, with its bottomless stomach, swimming up even now from some less-bottomless gulch.


Poor Martin.

Milquetoast Jason Flemyng, waking to find himself beautifully faceless.

Psychotically jealous Capuchin Elle, screeching somewhere in the dark, wielding a straight razor.

He was by all accounts, good to his family, his friends, and his fans. He was never less than generous, not only in sharing his talents, but in sharing his time.

Cliche’d as it is, one truly wonders if there can ever be another horror auteur like him. Another cliche’: there simply isn’t enough of his work for us.

But when I watch The Walking Dead, or play Resident Evil, whatever the given origin story, I will always realize I’m in the universe he made.





STILL DYING 2: Zombie Anthology

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Zombie Anthology 

Nine authors… Ten stories… nothing but zombie horror!

Still Dying 2

An excerpt from



By Patrick C Greene

They just popped up one day, the creeps, when we was out doing some community service, clearing the highway.

Some guy was stumbling around off down the interstate a good piece, and I said “Someday, that’s prolly gonna be me.”

“Stop jabbering to yo’ sef,” Bozy muttered, “They gonna send you off somewheres.”

“I don’t know man,” I answered, “This is prolly the end of the line for me.”

“Don’t be all down. Be glad you’re outside today.”

Funny. Bozy had sort of turned into my bodyguard and big brother since I got transferred to medium security back in February. What was funny about it, Bozy was about five-six, maybe one-forty after chow. He was locked up for stealing checks; he had used ‘em to buy his girlfriend some clothes for her new job, so they could get ahead.

And here I was, six-two and finishing a stretch for armed robbery. Bozy took up for me on day one. Turned out he was just a really good guy deep down. Being kinda small, he had to kick the shit out of three other inmates on his first day—and they tell me he did it easy.

I had managed to maintain good behavior while I was in max. So when I showed up at County to do my last year, I was nervous, coming off like a bitch waiting to be broken. He told everybody right away to lay off. And they did.

I found myself turning around, realizing I got antsy anytime his black ass got too far away, and made my way toward him. Further down the stretch was Tollison, Jefferies and Pokey, so-named not because he was slow, but because he had poked out the eye of one of his mugging victims. They were all caught up in filling their trash bags, thinking about what it would be like to be back out here everyday, I guess.

Puttering around the side of the road, I found a half-empty, fairly fresh bag of Funyons, and thought about holding onto it, passing it off to the hobo when he made his way past us. I didn’t expect he’d get hit by a car.

Right as I picked up the bag and rolled it up, Officer Schlotsky started toward me, bowing up his arms and shoulders, bringing his shotgun around in front of him like he was ready to bring it up and butt me with it. “Whatchoo got there, Randall? Lemme see it.”

“It’s just a snack. For that man.” I pointed off toward that weird guy still stumbling our way, sure Schlotsky would take one look and wave it off. Instead, he had to be an asshole about it.

He slapped the bag out of my hands, spilling Funyons all over the dewy grass. “Fuck that. If you was a good Samaritan, you wouldn’t be here.” Then Schlotsky stepped on those Funyons, crushing them into the ground, staring me down all squinty-eyed like the pig he was; tough with his shotgun. Just like I had been with mine.


The Dead Rock

In honor of Armand’s DYING DAYS series, and the upcoming anthology based in its universe, I decided to take a look at how the zombie phenomenon has infected the popular and underground music scenes.

blog zombie music

Okay. Maybe not the Top Ten – but here’s my take anyway.




Patrick C Greene


In honor of Armand’s DYING DAYS series, and the upcoming anthology based in its universe, I decided to take a look at how the zombie phenomenon has infected the popular and underground music scenes.

blog zombie music

Okay. Maybe not the Top Ten – but here’s my take anyway.

Back in nineteen eighty-something, Michael Jackson kicked off the pseudo-trend I guess, with his loving tribute to horror films, the extended music video for his smash hit Thriller. Using then-state of the art special effects, lavish set design, and cinematic-level camera work, The Gloved One went all out, even hiring A-list director John Landis and the one and only Vincent Price to provide some nice atmospheric voice work.

The result was a success on every level. No one had ever seen anything quite like it on MTV, and probably never will again, unless teen moms…

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PROGENY – Celebrates One Year!

So much more than a Bigfoot story…

progeny outside

Hey everybody! It’s Jen! Patrick’s wife and biggest fan!  Join us this week as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Patrick’s debut novel, PROGENY!  There will be a lot going on, places to visit on the interwebs, interviews and blogs to read, excerpts from the new novel, and some freebies and giveaways you don’t want to miss! The first thing to do is join the Facebook PROGENY event here PROGENY CELEBRATES ONE YEAR! so you don’t miss out on any of the action!



Oh my goodness – he’s everywhere!

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What does the FOX say? Find out HERE,

Jen’s Pen Den review HERE,

and the Fiona Mcvie interview HERE

On Tuesday

you will find the first chapter HERE

 and Patrick will be visiting with Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days Zombie series.

DYING DAYS are upon us....

On Wednesday

 Patrick will be hanging out with VICIOUS author Bryan W. Alaspa.


And on Thursday

you can find him lurking in the darkness with author Allison M Dickson, who will be releasing her debut novel STRINGS on Saturday.Strings_Cover_125x193



more Freebies and Giveaways, exciting announcements and another new release!

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