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Patrick C. Greene Unveils Patrick O’Neill

wiw NEW COVERPatrick O’Neill is the author of the story


in the new anthology from Sekhmet Press


Thirteen Tales of Spectres, Ghosts, and Spirits

Hi Patrick! Thank you for joining me today. Let’s kick off this interview with the most important question. Have you ever encountered a ghost?

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes, of course, and I need not see them to know they exist. I feel them walk beside me; cold, mute, all-seeing. Pale memories from a time that is gone, vague traces from a place I would rather be. Yes, I am haunted but I would rather be haunted than alone. To have lost is one thing, but to let go? Well, that is another matter altogether.  And so I conjure them in thought, mind, flesh, blood and spirit. I wish them here, and so it is.

What kind of music do you listen to for inspiration?

Mozart, then Metallica topped with ACDC, and then of course, Verdi. That is the sandwich.

Have you ever started a project, felt it run out of steam and had to abandon it?

Almost every day.

What’s the most shocking book or story you’ve ever read?

Book? Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Story? Every day, on Sky News.

Do you remember a particular moment or incident that made you decide to be a writer?

After reading M.R. James.

Do you have a certain space and time set aside for writing or is it more of a free-form process?

Time ticks. We write what we can.

How would you describe your writing style?

Always in need of improvement. I f you ever get to perceived perfection, something’s wrong.

What other sorts of themes or genres would you like to explore?

None. Horror runs through my veins in great big coagulated lumps.

Who are your favorite fictional antagonist and protagonist and what was it about them that struck a chord for you?

Impossible question. But If I had to say one character, it would be Travis Bickle.

Aside from writing, what is your favorite artistic medium?

Photography. Take a look here.

Thanks again for joining me today and letting us get to know you better. I wish you the best of luck with Wrapped In White and all of your future endeavours.


paddy eyePatrick O’Neill is a rising new talent in the world of Horror fiction. He resides in Dorset with wife, Nikki, and son, Benedict. His dark and unsettling tales can be found here:

‘Alderway’, in Chiral Mad, by Written Backwards (Winner of the Compilations/Anthologies Category at the London Book Festival 2012).
‘Passing Affliction’, in Chiral Mad 2, by Written Backwards.
‘Church Farm House’, in Fear: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror, by Crooked Cat.
‘The Box’, in Dorset Voices, by Roving Press.
‘The Collection’, in The Darkness Within, by Indigo Mosaic.
‘Another Picture for the Wall’, in The Rogues Gallery, by Firbolg Publishing.

Patrick is currently working on his single author collection, The Darkest Eyes, and on his debut novel, No Contrition.

Patrick can be contacted at


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