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Patrick C. Greene Unveils Suzi M

wiw NEW COVERSuzi M is the author of the story


in the new anthology from Sekhmet Press


Thirteen Tales of Spectres, Ghosts, and Spirits

Hi Suzi M! Thank you for joining me today. Let’s kick off this interview with the most important question.Have you ever encountered a ghost?

I think the real question is ‘How MANY ghosts have I encountered’. The answer is yes, many. I grew up in a haunted house with a decent number of ghosts on the property. In fact, one of the scenes in my story is straight out of an experience I had in my parents’ house one night.

What kind of music do you listen to for inspiration?

Anything with a kickass bassline and drumbeat. I’m all about the vibe while writing.

Have you ever started a project, felt it run out of steam and had to abandon it?

No, but I have sent a few projects to sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done.

What’s the most shocking book or story you’ve ever read?

To date? The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Not because it was meant to be ‘shocking’ in the horror sense, but because it set off a string of ideas I’m still unraveling to this day.

Do you remember a particular moment or incident that made you decide to be a writer?

I was born. Nothing really made me decide to become a writer, I suspect it was always there, lurking jus beneath the surface. What spawned my first novel was a bet with my AP English teacher in high school, however. We had been given ‘laptops’ (thing was a 20lb brick as far as I was concerned), and I refused to use it. She told me to go ahead and try writing a sentence, so I did. It was: “Nemesis gazed out over the cold stone walls of his castle at the bleak gray landscape, laughing under his breath.” She read it, liked it, and told me to write a paragraph, and before I knew it I had an entire first draft of a novel completed by summer vacation.

Do you have a certain space and time set aside for writing or is it more of a free-form process?

I write in bursts, whenever and wherever I have a spare minute or an idea that needs to get jotted down.

How would you describe your writing style?

In one word: chaotic.

What other sorts of themes or genres would you like to explore?

I’ve been exploring the realm of paranormal mystery with my James Glass scribblings lately, but have been known to wander into post apocalyptic and plain old horror.

Please briefly describe your path to publication.

Largely accidental and not really intentional.

Who are your favorite fictional antagonist and protagonist and what was it about them that struck a chord for you?

My favorite – ‘personality’ I’ll call it, because he’s really neither antagonist nor protagonist – is my own creation by name of Nemesis. I love his passion and his ability to be absolutely insane yet still retain that element of seduction beneath it all. He runs mainly on instinct and pure reaction with no thought to the consequences. Sometimes it’s not such a great thing, and then he deals with the outcomes as they arise. He’s the flipside to my coin.

Aside from writing, what is your favorite artistic medium?

There are a few. Knitting, painting, drawing, spinning yarn, weaving, sculpting, etc.

Thanks again for joining me today and letting us get to know you better. I wish you the best of luck with Wrapped In White and all of your future endeavours.


suzi m titled

Lurking in a Pennsylvania town near historicGettysburg, Suzi M is weaving webs of horror: including gothic, noir, ghosts, demons, angels, occult, and the occasional historic and/or post-apocalyptic thriller. Her storytelling has been compared to that of Tanith Lee , HP Lovecraft, and Douglas Adams. Writing under multiple pseudonyms, including James Glass, Suzi’s writing reflects and explores the thrill and the secrecy; the untold mysteries waiting in the shadows. In addition to a few other humans, including the tiny Hypnospawn, Suzi shares her home with a 30lb black house panther named Mr. Pants. When she’s not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs with people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers. She is also a self-described “fiberfreak,” finding time to spin, knit, crochet or weave when the muse allows. She will most likely achieve fame and fortune with her hand-crafted socks.


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