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The Metatron Mysteries

Sekhmet Press LLC

Sekhmet Press LLC

is proud to bring you


Beginning with a re-release of Book 1:

 The Murdered Metatron

 on January 11, 2014

followed quickly by Book 2:

 The Dispossessed

in February

metatron cover hirez (1)-001

“John Smith is a PI, and not a very successful one. Until the day two men call and offer him a job- and a large paycheck. Tracking down Virgil Callahan was the easy part- learning the story behind the man was the hard part.

And just when you think you know how the story ends, it changes again and again. Full of twists and turns and with a shocking ending, I recommend this story to anyone with the taste for the paranormal.”Kay Glass


“The Murdered Metatron is a classic blend of horror, humor, and detective work. While it is relatively short, all the elements of a great page turner are here. I…

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