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WORLD OF BLOOD – Exsanguinate

Author Interview with Killion Slade

Who doesn’t love a great vampire series, especially at Christmas time!

Today we’re interviewing the married writing team, Killion Slade, and featuring their newly released novel


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Amidst an impending vampire apocalypse, Cheyenne finds herself both in conflict for survival and for her heart. Will her immortal self derail any hope of solving the multiplying puzzles before time runs out to save her sisters, herself and her humanity?



Q.  How did you meet?

A. We met in the virtual reality online game Second Life. Mr. Slade was selling his real world photographs to other game players, and Mrs. Slade was doing research for a client related to the World of Warcraft. After a casual meeting at a dance club, it was discovered that we both worked in the same profession with separate specialties. This led to days at work conferencing  over VoIP, and evenings virtually dating on Second Life. Less than a year later, Mrs. Slade had made the move to Montana. Virtually commuting days at the day job and spending evenings together in real life became our normal killion2

Q.  This novel has an interactive second screen website?

A.  Yes, we were inspired by Chantal Noordeloos from her recent release on Coyote, with their second screen version.  To read our novel, it is stand alone, but for those who want a little more – we provided the extra special secret bonus features.  We like to think of it as a Blu-ray of reading.  You loved the movie – now you want to see the special features, deleted scenes, interviews with the characters, etc.  That is how we envisioned a reader might want to enjoy a few of the extended scenes which didn’t necessarily move the story forward or have the action required, but they would enjoy reading an extended zombie parade scene, a Battle Kroc fight sequence, or expand on the haunted houses inside the theme park.

The ebook version has interactive links to the World of Blood website which does exactly that.  It allows the reader, if they so desire, to navigate to the website from their phone, tablet or PC and read the extras, check out the pictures, and learn more from each character’s dossier.  The printed book has a QR code is embedded in the text inviting the reader to experience more if they would like to explore.

Each version of the book stands alone on its own.  A reader need not use the website to enjoy the story. The website is for the extra little goodies. Scenes that we wanted to include, but didn’t necessarily move the story forward at the fast pace needed in today’s instant gratification society.  For example, we enjoyed writing out a detailed zombie parade scene, it was great fun, but all of that detail didn’t have direct impact on the plot structure and needed to be cut.  We wanted to reward the reader who would like to have read the zombie parade scene, and now they can.

Q.  How do you story board inside Second Life?

A. Together we own a small section of mainland where we have a photography studio and enough room to build custom backdrops. The studio has hundreds of poses as well as third party “pose balls” which enable us to position the avatars to build our scenes. Not only does this allow us to set a scene, it also gives us a reason to spend time where we met. Our book trailers rely heavily on the scenes created inside Second Life.

Q.  Why did you choose to write this story?

A. We had both done some personal writing in the past. Deeply interested in vampires, dragons, and other preternatural and natural phenomenon, a spark formed. We began talking about a story line that encompassed our combined interests. This story involves items from history, mythology, virtual realities, and our imaginations.

Q.  Is it hard to write with your spouse?

A. We must both admit that yes, writing with a spouse can definitely have its challenges. But the rewards outweigh any obstacle thrown at us. It’s fun to have a conversation about people who don’t exist and turn them into characters people can enjoy.

Q.  Would you do it again?

A. Not only would we, but we have planned out the World of Blood series to include five, possibly six books.  We look to release The Blood Oath – World of Blood – Book Two in 2014.

About the Author

blog killion1Killion Slade is a married writing team who met in the virtual realms of Second Life and virtually enjoy everything. Members of the Horror Writers Association and the Paranormal Romance Guild, they storyboard their characters inside Second Life as their avatars reveal their stories. Tucked away in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Montana, they stay busy chasing kids, corralling horses and cats, and enjoying the harvest from their garden. Married on Halloween – they love to live life to the fullest and embrace one another each and every day.

Killion Slade can be reached at the following:

blog killion4

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