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Maybe it’s the spring weather warming things up–like cold corpses for example. Zombies have become the theme of April, especially here at The Most Terrifying Blog on the Internet!

Armand Rosamilia,author of the Dying Days zombie series among many other great works, has kindly graced the MTBotI with an amazing story from the universe of that series in the previous blog post. Just for clarification, the story’s “Patrick” character is not necessarily Yerz Trooly. Not necessarily. 😉

Armand is preparing a collection of short stories set in that universe, and I’m personally planning to submit a face-biting entry or two. This will be one to watch!

Last weekend, I traveled to the town of Hickory, NC to appear in several scenes of the zombie film ONE LAST SUNSET – Redux. A bit of history: OLS is the brainchild of one Kevin Richmond, a prolific and brilliant indie director whose company Peepin’ Tom Productions is dedicated to telling compelling human stories in unusual contexts. OLS was originally written and produced as a short a couple of years back. Kevin brought me in as a fight choreographer after I worked in the same capacity for his film VS.

The film features The Walking Dead’s

Addy Miller in a zombie role that pre-dates her appearance on that show, as well as a talented trio of actresses (Brandy Brown, Clemeen Connolly and Alma J Hill) in the usual post-zombie apocalypse setting, though with considerably more pathos than you might have come to expect. It was well received by critics and fans, garnering enough attention that Richmond was motivated to expand the short to a full-blown feature.

As a result, I was fortunate to be cast in what has become one of my favorite rolls,

that of an Afghanistan conflict vet leading a motley band of survivors through a zombie-ravaged landscape. Look for ONE LAST SUNSET – Redux sometime next year.

That film’s makeup whiz, an amiable fellow named Keith Bailey, is a veteran screenwriter himself, and has penned a trilogy of zombie films set to shoot sometime next year. I begged, nagged and cajoled Keith to include me, and he has agreed! More on that as it develops.

Now – back to writing a tasty, bloody morsel of zombie literature for the masses.


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  1. Great article , sir.Thanks for sharing.

    May 10, 2013 at 6:06 PM

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