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Author of the Week!

Thank you to The eReader Cafe for granting me Author of the Week Status!

From the interview:

Good Sunday morning, everyone! Allow me to introduce you to Horror author, Patrick C. Greene.Let’s begin this Sunday’s author interview with The eReader Cafe’s signature first question:

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee while writing, tea any other time.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and when did you start writing?

I’m from just outside of Asheville, North Carolina; a rural town called Fairview. I’ve been writing since before I knew how, in some form or other.

You’ve written a suspenseful Horror novel, Progeny, and quite a few short stories. Tell us about your writing and what inspires you to write in your chosen genre.

I try to write in the style I personally find most appealing–because if I’m not entertained by mywriting who will be? I like suspense and emotional extremes and the idea of a situation that teststhe characters–whether they ultimately survive or not. It’s hard to comprehend what made meprefer horror, but I do have an extremely vivid and active imagination and with the horror genre, I have plenty of opportunity to give it a workout. You can just go in so many directions, in fact,you’re expected to! What’s cooler than that? Only a frozen corpse.
Read MORE from the Interview HERE


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