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THE GRALIEN REPORT: Podcast Interview

I want to say THANK YOU  to Micah Hanks over at The Gralien Report for giving me the opportunity to come on his radio show this evening to talk about PROGENY.  Listen to the interview HERE

Micah wrote the Foreword for PROGENY and here you can read from one of his blog posts about Bigfoot.

Bigfoot is an Archetype
From time to time there are reports that fall under the “Bigfoot” category that are, to put it simply, present a lot of disturbing problems for eyewitnesses. While these “high strangeness” reports (an expression that had become innate to the study of odd occurrences tucked within the realms of Forteana) are in the seldom minority, they are often overlooked by the greater cryptozoology community for a number of reasons.  READ MORE HERE

The Gralien Report on facebook


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