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Available on BLACK FRIDAY 11/23/12

Includes the previously published
And introducing

~An excerpt from FATE BY FIRELIGHT~

In the den, Ray smirked at me, as we continued a longstanding, familiar discourse.  
          “The coaching staff is the problem.  They’re bringing the whole franchise into the toilet.” I argued as I poked the fire awake.
          “Come on, Eli.  The team sucks because the players suck.  The coaches suck, the stadium sucks, the town sucks.  Just because they’re your home team doesn’t mean you have to back them, you know.”
           I took a seat across from him.  “That’d be easier to buy, if you weren’t so hardcore Philadelphia.”
          Ray’s laugh was as childish as it was derisive. 
We were interrupted by Melyssa’s theatrical entrance.  Wide-eyed and hunkered low, she carried the Ouija board box on the flat of her hand like a pizza from beyond the grave, making a mock-eerie sound with pursed lips.  The dim lights and flickering fire added to the effect.  Kumi giggled.
“What’s all that about?” I asked.
          Anybody for…” Melyssa maintained the dramatic pause as she floated the box in front of us.  “…Ouija?”
          Ray’s eyes brightened.  “Hell yeah!  I haven’t goofed around with one of those since I was a kid!”
          I looked at that box for a long moment, wondering if I was past buzzed, closer to drunk.   I was almost totally sure I had pitched it months ago.
          Melyssa lay the box on the coffee table beside the half-empty wine bottle.  She filled Kumi’s glass, then raised her own.  “This will be Kumi’s first experience with the mystic oracle. Let’s toast.”
          “I didn’t know Ouija was a drinking game.” I cracked, raising my beer.

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