The Official Portal to the Madness of Dark Fiction Author Patrick C. Greene


Another INTERVIEW with Patrick!

A sneak peek – 

Tell us about your writing process?

Generally it goes thusly: Drinkin’. Then, an insane idea pops into my head and I rush to write it in my notebook before I forget it. This usually happens when I’m already knee-deep in another project, so as I finish that one and get ready to begin something new, I dig into the notebook and see what strikes my fancy. (My notebook is pretty full-it’ll take a few decades to get to all of those concepts.) Being that I write both screenplays and fiction prose, what happens next depends on which option I choose for that particular idea. In either case, I will first begin creating characters — giving them histories, motives, etc. and decide what general purpose they will serve in the story. Then: drinkin’. ~ Click the LINK above for more!


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