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The monstrous Tsul Kalu beasts of PROGENY are drawn from actual Cherokee mythological lore, underscoring the fact that there are legends of hairy humanoid giants in countless cultures throughout the world. Tsul Kalu is revered by the Cherokee (a.k.a. Tselagi) as The Ultimate Hunter. Its spirit was invoked in pre-hunt rituals designed to imbue the Indians with some measure of the great being’s stealth and skill.
From the North comes the term sasquatch, dervived once again from the Chehalis tribal name for a creature called sasq’ets, though the legend pre-dates the actual name. Also known as siatco, this version, like the Tsul Kalu, is considered a dangerous spiritual being, best left to its own devices.
Chiye-tanka, meaning literally “big brother” is the Lakota’s Bigfoot. By contrast to the Cherokee legend, to be touched by him, they believe, is to be blessed.
Interestingly, North Dakota’s Ojibway nation sometimes refers to the beast as “rugaru”, a Cree/ Algonquian pronunciation of the French term Loup Garou—or werewolf.
There are numerous other North American Bigfoot legends-all from sources once isolated from one another before their myths and history began to be charted.
Chinais the home of the Yeren-a creature remarkably similar in description to western ape men legends. Lore suggests that the Yeren are descendants of slaves who escaped from China’s first emperor, who had put them to work building the Great Wall.
From Russiacomes the legend of the Almasty-a female of whom is fabled to have long ago been captured, trained, and even crossbred with men from a remote village!
Perhaps the most famous version of the creature is the Tibetan yeti-a reclusive-at times even invisible-entity revered in pre-Buddhist times-like the Tsul Kalu-as…God of Hunters.
Such coincidences would seem even less likely than the existence of the beast itself-if not for the many supernatural powers attributed to it. In any case, if the existence of the creature is ever confirmed, we may be opening an entirely different can of maggots—who is truly “superior”?


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